Display para ahorrar energía

Check the condition of your e-ROOK

  • The home screen offers a global vision of the operating condition of your e-ROOK in real time.
  • Know the power that the different elements offer you as well as the energy supplied.
  • The system will keep you informed at all times of any problem that might arise as well as guide you in solving it.

Management application accessible from any device without the need for installing.

Control horario del acumulador de energía

Configure your e-ROOK

  • Via some simple configuration screens you can modify the default values in your e-ROOK.
  • In a few moments and without any previous knowledge your will have personalised your e-ROOK for your needs.

High configuration versatility

Cómo ahorrar energía con e-ROOK

Learn about your e-ROOK

  • Your e-ROOK includes an advanced data presentation interface by means of dynamic graphics. With it you will know in detail what happens with the energy generated, stored and consumed in your facility.
  • This information can be very valuable in taking decisions and optimising the performance of your facility.
  • You will also be able to download in format compatible with Excel all the details of your e-ROOK for any necessary calculations.