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  • With e-ROOK it is only necessary to connect the panels and the equipment equipment will work.
  • You can connect it to power your existing facility.
  • It includes all the necessary elements and protections . All is fitted and configured in the apparatus.
  • It does not require any kind of preventive maintenance.
  • It includes Lithium-Ion batteries that do not require any maintenance or care.
  • It is compact in size in spite of its great potency and versatility.
  • With e-ROOK you will forget it even exists.
  • In includes WiFi communications and remote access via Internet so you can consult and manage whatever you need.
  • We speak your same language. e-ROOK is a product designed and manufactured entirely in Spain.
  • CEGASA, leading brand in energy storage and management systems More that 25 years offering energy solutions to residential and industrial sectors.